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OTT Solution IPTV for Android Phones
OTT Solution IPTV for Android Phones

OTT Solution IPTV for Android Phones

Product ID : IPTV-OTT
Product Description


OTT solution is used for broadcasting TV by transmitting streams over the internet or intranet. It’s distributed by a service provider free or fee-based for either live TV or stored video. The available program signals flow downstream and viewers select the program they want by shifting the channels with a smartphone or tablet. 

Nowadays, OTT is gaining widespread popularity, and it can provide more freedom, convenience, and empowerment to users, which gives a greater role to content providers to have a direct relationship with viewers. In this way, hospitals, schools, airports and other operators can increase their brand visibility and customer satisfaction by providing more multimedia services and more enjoyable experiences. 

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Working Principle

 Diagram for ott solution


Live Programs

Broadcasting HD/SD cable programs, satellite programs, and self-made programs

Support HTTP live protocol


Support up to 1080P/60Hz full HD video, Mass resource of VOD

Support MPEG2, MPEG4/H.264 decoding, terminals can be mobile phones and PCs

Support full-screen or small-window playback

Support pause, reset and fast forward function for VOD video

Classify movie files, convenient to select


Personalized functions and interface for hospitals, schools, airports, and other industries

Advertisement modes include booting ad, pictures and text ad, etc


Support remote upload and manage programs and movies on Web-based NMS

Support batch uploads video oversize file above 4GB.

English and Chinese are default languages, and also can develop other languages as you need


  • IPTV OTT Web Management

    OTT system with ott video apps

  • Live  Programs

ott middleware for live streaming

  • VOD

ott middleware for video on-demand

  • Advertisement

ott video apps functions

  • Application examples

The OTT system can be widely used in hotels, coaches, bus stations, buses, cafes, bars, and airports…


iptv for android phones application


equipment involved for ott solution 

OTT Server Recommended configuration

OTT Server Recommended configuration

Operation steps for installing and testing OTT Video Apps 

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