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  • Digital Broadcast Headend Solution
  • 4kinds-of-best-iptv-solutions
    31.01.2023 Operation Guide
    To create your own IPTV systems, there are many factors to consider. How can we choose a suitable solution for our project?Factors:1. Signal sourceHow many ways? HD or SD?Program source from Encoder? or from the satellite signal with free o......
  •  Operation steps for installing and testign Android iptv app
    01.02.2023 Operation Guide
    When we start to build our own IPTV system, do you have any doubts about whether the IPTV app solution would work well on our smart TV? Is there an incompatibility with the operating system of our TV model?That's why we need to install ......
  • ott apk install and test on mobile
    04.02.2023 Operation Guide
    How to install and test OTT APK on our mobile?Firstly you can watch the operation video link :How to install the ott app install on phone .mp4Then follow the operation steps. Here are 5 steps for installing and testing for OTT APPS:Ste......
  • How to upgrade IPTV set top box
    25.01.2023 Operation Guide
    Prepare 1) USB cable (2 male heads) and toothpick or thimble                                                 &......
  • How to configure ATSC_VCT?
    13.11.2022 Operation Guide
    ATSC_VCT configuration Background: North American TV standards are received in ATSC and DVBC (J.83B) modes, and there is a fixed set of sorting display methods. The collation is XX.YY XX range is 01-99 YY range is 01-999If the VCT insertion......
  • Configure ISDB-T Virtual Channel Table
    13.11.2022 Operation Guide
    Description of  ISDB-T Virtual Channel TableThe display format is: XX.WZXX range is 01-99, the professional name is the KEY IDW range is 0-3The Z range is 1-8, the WZ professional name is Logic Channel Number (LCN), and the maximum val......
  • What's the OTT?
    19.12.2019 DVB News
    OTT is the abbreviation of "Over The Top", which is derived from sports such as basketball. It means to pass over the top, that is, to cross the operator and develop various video and data service business applications based on th......